Intelli-Q 20kVA/360V

Intelli-Q 20kVA/360V


  • Perfect for sensitive equipment like computers, servers, medical equipment, petrol pumps ect.
  • Compatible with generator sets.
  • Total Fault Tolerance
  • Can be used as hot standby by using static switch to insure 99.99% uptime.
  • Wider Input Voltage and Frequency Window
  • Smart thermal management-The INTELLI-Q features smart thermal management which allows it to operate in high temperature environments up to 45 C.
  • Lighting and Surge Protection
  • Wide input-voltage range and inbuilt isolation transformer appropriate for the harshest electrical environments.
  • Automatics bypass for fault-tolerance
  • User replaceable Batteries
  • Static Bypass switch
  • Built-in Cold Start
  • Multifunction LCD Display Panel


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