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Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. proudly stands as a behemoth in India’s power solutions sector

Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. began its humble journey in the year 1988 and is now one of the leading manufacturers in India’s Power Solutions Market. Su-kam is offering a wide range of products in various categories i.e. Inverters, Batteries, Solar Panels. Su-kam is growing at a fast pace keeping up-to-date with the needs of its customers and also being environment friendly at the same time.

Today, Su-kam is exporting to more than 90 countries and proudly sells with its proud badge of honor of ‘Make in India’.

Su-Kam is one of the few companies in its field that holds over 100 patents and possesses a track record of unwavering commitment to innovation. Since its beginning in 1988, Su-Kam’s manufacturing output has diversified into products such as solar solutions, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), batteries, and custom-made solar offerings. With an aim to reduce the overall carbon footprint, all the Su-Kam products are made with a dedicated focus on intelligent and energy-efficient backup solutions.

Moreover, Su-Kam takes the honor of being India’s first power solutions company to be awarded with the distinguished ‘Superbrand’ title, which is not only a pride for every single member of the Su-Kam family but also a testament to its rapid growth and recognition as one of the key achievements in their field. Su-Kam is now exporting to more than 90 countries and proudly sells with the badge of honor of ‘Make in India.’ Su-Kam holds its vision of illuminating the world upright with every new step and yet remains grounded in order to provide innovative, cost-effective, and reliable power and renewable energy solutions.

In 21st-century India, where digitization seems to be the only way forward, an inverter with a tall tubular battery is now a necessity. Su-Kam has never overlooked the purchasing power of its clientele and is always ready to provide the best range of tubular batteries, inverters, solar inverters for both home and commercial use, both within and outside India.

Furthering its commercial endeavors, Su-Kam has been at the forefront as the country’s leading choice in the solar segment. After collaborating with entities such as Chennai Metro Rail Limited and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Su-Kam is undoubtedly among the top ten manufacturers of the best solar inverters in India, along with unparalleled products such as inverters and tall tubular batteries for home solutions.

Su-Kam, at every step, is playing a pivotal role in advancing sustainable energy resources and maintaining transportation infrastructure while keeping carbon emissions to a minimum.

Looking forward, Su-Kam is dedicated to illuminate with clean energy resources, easily accessible technology and knowledge driven solutions for the people of India and a lot more across the globe.


Harnessing Natural Resources

Focused on Renewable Energy

Awards & Recognitions

Su-Kam has received a number of awards & accolades over the years for innovation, exceptional products and quality of service provided by the company.