Rewards & Recognition

Breaking Barriers

At Su-Kam® we encourage employees to think beyond boundaries and reach out for the extra ordinary. Over the years we have developed a unique rewards and recognition system. It motivates employees to make significant contributions to the organization while helping them walk the path of personal progress. This is what makes Su-Kam® an innovation driven company in every area of our work.

“Pat on the Back” an award especially for those who go beyond their routine jobs was instituted at Su-Kam® many years ago. Here are some stories of success:

Award Functions

Awards vdo At Su-Kam® we believe in continuous recognition of achievers at various forums. Apart from the Annual Awards Functions, we have created our own unique system of recognizing achievers and talent. Both formal and informal recognition are an integral part of a Su-Kam® achiever.

Recognition of Ownership and Accountability

Every organization wishes that its employees take ownership and become accountable. At Su-Kam® we have made it a reality by the management quickly acknowledging those who take ownership and in the process demonstrate accountability. Such employees are often elevated to higher positions and placed in positions of responsibility. Their experience and educational qualifications no longer remain the detriments to growth.


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