Research & Development

Su-Kam® was the first company in the industry to invest in and institute a separate R&D unit, with a mandate to dream, think and build independently. Apart from developing and testing new products, the unit also spearheaded the company’s foray into solar energy. The R&D unit has the people, the equipment, the freedom and the backing of the top management.
Su-Kam-Inverter Great ideas, the urge to experiment, the willingness to take risks and the drive to make a difference in the lives of our customers are the core values which drive Su-Kam®. These values are the fuel behind our R&D efforts. Innovation is the mantra that has energised this company from its very inception. We want to innovate, improve and make a powerful impact.

At Su-Kam®, we have set up our own R&D unit with a dedicated team of 40 highly experienced people and it has grown from strength to strength. It was the first such unit in the industry and has won recognition from the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India. Recently, it also won the Elcina-EFY Award for Excellence, 2010.

At Su-Kam®, we continuously strive to develop various technically advanced products like UPS, solar power back-ups, batteries and other customised products for use in various sectors like telecom, retail, healthcare, sports, construction and infrastructure projects, apart from homes and offices.

Our R&D team constantly strives to improve product design and performance, machinery and production methods and these are integrated into the daily work pattern.

Su-Kam R&D Our R&D strength is reinforced with extensive infrastructure that includes state-of-the-art equipment like Power Analyzers, Digital Scopes, Waveform Generator, Curve Tracer, Protocol Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzers, Brake Dynamometer, Emulator and Simulator for DSP & Micro Controller applications, and Programmable Power Supplies. This enables Su-Kam® to develop design capabilities that are at par with the finest international standards.

A separate building is dedicated to R&D, where the equipment and facilities are upgraded as frequently as the products. Products are tested using the latest, most sophisticated testing equipment. Existing products are improved, new products and processes are created.

R&D Milestones

Su-Kam R&D MilestonesDeveloped a customised power back-up solution for Bharti Wal-Mart's Easy Day retail chain with multiple controlled output, where the load is distributed on a priority basis, depending on the criticality of the application, with the basic purpose of minimising the use of DG sets and hence, cutting costs. The system is backed by local and remote monitoring, which has helped Bharti Wal-Mart to substantially bring down its operation costs as well reduce pollution.

  • Developed India's first MOSFET based inverter
  • Developed India's first microcontroller based inverter
  • Developed India's first plastic body inverter
  • Developed India's first Home UPS which eradicated the need to buy a separate UPS for computer
  • Developed India's first sine wave based inverter. Eliminated the irritating humming sound, ensured power output of a higher quality.
  • Developed a low cost petrol pump power back-up solution.
  • Developed indigenous online UPS especially for Indian conditions with unique software to locally or remotely monitor the operations of the product.
  • Developed Highly efficient battery chargers for use in transportation, telecom and other segments.
  • Developed fume free, maintenance free, sealed (SMF) batteries, with patented technologies.
  • Developed India's first SMF batteries to be used with inverters.
  • Developed PowerDoc – a new revolutionary concept to replace stabilisers for refrigerators, air-conditioners and other home appliances. An ideal solution to safeguard appliances from various electrical hazards like low or high voltage, spikes and surges and lightning strikes.
  • Developed the futuristic web based software Powerdoc, allowing users to monitor and control their power consumption from remote locations.
  • Developed and pioneered new technologies to meet targeted needs for end users like elevators, healthcare institutions and petrol pumps.
  • Driven by our concern for the environment, Su-Kam® R&D is constantly at work to develop newer, more efficient solar products – inverters, chargers and charge controllers. Harnessing the endless energy of the sun for our daily power needs.


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