Right from its inception, Su-Kam® has never made the slightest compromise on any aspect of quality – R&D, technology, components, product design, testing, packaging. And long before winning the certifications from laboratories and global standards institutions, the company won the most coveted certification for its quality – the endorsement and loyalty of millions of customers.
ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 CE

Quality doesn't cost. Poor quality does.

Quality never happens by chance. It is always the result of planned and sustained effort. The stringent QC measures instituted by the company from the very beginning have made the brand Su-Kam® synonymous with quality. Harnessing the endless energy of the sun for our daily power needs.

At Su-Kam®, we are extremely conscious of the need to apply methods and tools for quality assurance, learn from mistakes and eliminate their root causes without any loss of time.

We have an in-built robust and strong quality system, which covers all our products at various stages of development and manufacturing. In terms of quality assurance too, Su-Kam® is accredited with ISO 9001 : 2008 to boost its reputation for reliability by giant leaps.

The company has implemented Total Quality Management (TQM) practices involving extremely demanding test protocols at every stage of the manufacturing process right down to final inspection prior to delivery. As a result of this, every product that reaches the end-user is in conformity with exacting pre-determined standards.

Our R&D has all the requisite advanced equipment to test the critical parameters of our products. Most of our products have received Test Certifications from reputed laboratories like ERTL (A Government of India organisation). We have received SEC Certification for our VRLA (SMF) Batteries - 12V-7.2AH, 12V-45AH and 12V-165AH.

Rigorous Standards

Rigorous StandardsText Quality Planning: Our goal is to fully satisfy customer expectations through the quality of our products and services. Quality improvement is therefore the responsibility of every stakeholder, from the top management to the channel partners.

New Product Review: Product introductions have been at the heart of our success in this hyper-competitive market. With our strong focus on innovation, we have a rigorous system for reviewing all our products against the parameters of functionality and changing customer needs.

Process Capability Evaluations: In response to increasing globalisation, we adopt benchmarked process standards, reducing variation, relieving process bottlenecks, eliminating rework and managing capacity. This has substantially reduced product development and production time .

Quality Education and Training: Continuous learning and improvement are fundamental components of every job performed, rather than a special corporate initiative. Therefore, there is continuous emphasis on increasing awareness of quality principles through the organization. The requisite directives and standards are discussed and disseminated regularly and teams are trained intensively. Training has been the main focus of the organisation, not only in-house but also the training of our dealers, distributors and associates for their growth and for achieving targets.

Supplier Capability Surveys: Our suppliers contribute substantially to the quality of our products. Therefore, our suppliers must meet the same high standards that we have adopted. This is ensured through regular validation of their quality control set-up.

Target Evaluation: All processes are evaluated against pre-negotiated targets and deadlines. At Su-Kam®, we believe that the successful implementation of even the smallest task is possible only if it is achieved without any overruns. Thus functions of production, sales, servicing and training are also bound by the quality checks from time to time.


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