Solar Roof-top Packages – On Grid

Su-Kam’s Solar PCUs Packages Converting sunshine into savings and a greener planet

India gets plenty of sunlight and has 1.3 billion population, Consequently it has very little land per inhabitant. With drastic fall in prices of SPV modules and BOS on one hand and rising electricity tariffs in India on other hand. Grid connected solar roof top PV systems are becoming increasingly economically viable and offer multiple benefits. The expected payback with mid-sized grid connected RTPV solution is sub-5years.

It offers lot of benefit economically and also help you comply with Government norm reducing the global carbon footprint.


No. On Grid Packages Grid Tie inverter No of Panels
1 1 KWp 1KW 250 Wp x 4
2 1.5 KWp 1.5 KW 250 Wp x 6
3 2 KWp 2 KW 250 Wp x 8
4 3 KWp 3 KW 250 Wp x 12
5 4 KWp 4 KW 250 Wp x 16
6 5 KWp 5 KW 250 Wp x 20
7 10 KWp 10 KW 250 Wp x 40


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