Solar Home Packages

Su-Kam’s Solar PCUs Packages Converting sunshine into savings and a greener planet

Su-Kam Solar Home Packages are specially designed for saving your electricity bill through solar system. This Solar Hybrid Technology Home UPS 250 VA to 3.5 KVA is fully automatic and all system functions are controlled by a Microcontroller. It is synchronized (inbuilt) with Zero Drop Solar Charge Controller and is based on the most advanced MOSFET 4 Stage charging technology, so you get the longest possible battery life.

It is designed to provide an uninterrupted power for devices like computers, lights, fans, water pumps, refrigerators and other sensitive special electronics.


No. Solar Home Ups Packages
1 Solar Combo 250VA with 50Ah Tubular Battery
2 Solar Combo 450VA with 100Ah Tubular Battery
3 Solar Combo 650VA with 150Ah LA Battery
4 Solar Combo 650VA with 150Ah Tubular Battery
5 Solar Combo 850VA with 135Ah / 150Ah LA Battery
6 Solar Combo 850VA with 150Ah Tubular Battery
7 Solar Combo 1500VA with 150Ah LA Battery
8 Solar Combo 1500VA with 150Ah Tubular Battery
9 Solar Combo 2500VA 150Ah LA Battery
10 Solar Combo 2500VA 150Ah Tubular Battery
11 Solar Combo 3500VA 150Ah LA Battery
12 Solar Combo 3500VA 150Ah Tubular Battery


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