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Electroscopy – India's First Inverter Comparison Kit

How many times have you walked into an electrical store where the pushy salesman tried to sell you a product saying that it is very efficient and would save you money? Some inverter companies also claim that their inverter would save you so much money that you would recover the entire cost in just a couple of years. But is there is a way to find out how much money your inverter is really saving or how efficient it is?

Yes, Su-Kam has developed India's first 'Inverter Comparison Kit'. You can connect any two inverters to it and see what is really going on inside.

Issues Faced by Customers while buying electronic appliances

How Does Electroscopy – Inverter Comparison Kit Work?

Electroscopy is a unique comparison tool kit which helps in measuring the efficiency as well as value of the different electronic products available in the market. Electroscopy's software, which has been created after year of research by Su-Kam's R & D experts, can be uploaded on any laptop. The device can then be connected to laptop via a special cable that comes with Electroscopy. After the software is running, any two inverters can be connected to it and their performance can be monitored

Electroscopy working

This revolutionary realtime comparitive tool offers unique

  • Affordable Power Analyser

    This kit designed by Su-Kam is just perfect for making a comparitive analysis between 2 electrical appliances, be it inverters, UPS or any others. It would perfectly compare and tell you which product is superior to the other and which one is more efficinet in terms of power. The following factors would be analysed:

    Affordable Power Analyser
  • Easy to Install

    Being very compact and portable, this kit is quite easily movable. Since its weight just 5 kgs, consumers wouldn’t face a tough time. Be it your office, home, farmhouse or any other company, carrying it and taking it around will be the simplest task for you.

  • Get the comparitive study right on your laptop or your PC

    Electroscopy Comparitive kit can be connected to any Laptop or PC with a specified GUI. You can get the results displayed on the screen of the PC, without any hassle.

  • Where Can Electroscopy be Used?

    Su-Kam's talented researchers have invented this device to educate the consumers. Our goal is that you should be able to find out the efficiency of any electrical appliance before spending your hard-earned money on it. Currently we are using it to compare two inverters, but soon it should be possible to compare any home appliances such as fridge, TV, AC etc. Our R&D is constantly innovating.


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