Office Manager Digital UPS

Office Manager Digital UPS

Su-Kam's Line-interactive UPS Systems offer surge protection and battery backup while regulating the AC power using one converter. Based on Micro Controller/Digital Signal Controller technology, it ensures full safety of highly sophisticated equipment.

A Line Interactive UPS is the simplest and most cost effective way of coping with disturbances i.e. sudden blackouts, variations in main power supply.


  • Micro-controller based PWM technology using MOSFET
  • Pure output to run PC with other appliances efficiently and noiselessly
  • A highly advanced Self-Start Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • Wide input AVR range and narrow output window
  • Changeover with Phase Synchronization
  • Smart SMPS based battery charger with automatic power factor correction
  • Cold Start capable
  • No load shutdown at battery mode
  • RS232 interface for UPS monitoring
  • Inbuilt Mobile charger (800VA to 1000VA)
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Software Controlled Double Protection for Overload and Short Circuit
  • A highly sophisticated Pulse Charge
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • User friendly display & Audible alarms
  • Future upgradeability


Line Interactive UPS Series is ideal for computers, printers, modems, security systems and Point of Sale terminals. Making them the first choice of small department stores.
Office Manager Digital UPS
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