Micron Digital UPS Range 150VA 250VA

Micron Digital UPS

Small UPS for small needs Su-Kam’s Micron Digital UPS meets your budget and your needs in a special way. It is designed for homes and business establishments where the day-to-day requirement does not exceed a few light bulbs, fans or a favourite TV show. Micron is an advanced Digital UPS made for running regular household appliances such as CFL bulbs, fans, laptops and television sets. This portable powerhouse comes in two different capacities i.e. 150 VA UPS with 25AH Macroz Tubular Battery & 250 VA UPS with 50AH Macroz Tubular Battery along with a long warranty period. So add Micron Digital UPS to your life today and enjoy a fruitful partnership.


  • Portable: Good looks, lightweight, shock proof and easy to move.
  • Power saving: 50% faster battery charging as compared to ordinary UPS.
  • Protects battery from deep discharge: Alerts the user with a buzzer sound in battery mode.
  • Powers heavy load like TV: Capable of withstanding high influx of current up to 300% of its actual capacity.
  • Protects appliances: Enhanced protection to appliances in case of short circuit and overload with auto reset and alarm feature.
  • Fuzzy Logic Control Patented Technology: A patented charging technology from the R&D labs of Su-Kam that enhances battery life by regulating the charging process.
  • High efficiency: Micron Digital UPS is Based on advanced microcontroller technology, which improves the efficiency of the system & provides clean power.
  • Combo Pack: Micron is Su-Kam's unique invention and the only branded product available in the market in this range. This small UPS is a powerhouse performer and can adequately serve the need of a shop or a household.
    Micron Digital UPS – 250 VA available in combo only with Macroz battery 50ah (Tubular)
    Micron Digital UPS – 150 VA available in combo only with Macroz battery 25ah (Tubular)


Micron Digital UPS has been specially designed to provide high quality power back up at low cost for small homes and small businesses.
UPS for Small Family

Solar Compatibility

Micron Home UPS / Inverter is compatible with Solar and can be used as solar inverter.

Load Chart and Backup

Capacity 150VA**
2 CFL* upto 20 hrs
Table Fan + 1 CFL* upto 1.5 hrs
4 CFLs* upto 8 hrs
**Recommended on 25 Ah battery
Micron inverter Capacity 150VA
Capacity 250VA*
3 CFLs* upto 26 hrs
1 Table Fan upto 3.5 hrs
1 CFL + 1 TV upto 3 hrs
1 Laptop upto 4 hrs
**Recommended on 50 Ah battery
Micron inverter Capacity 250VA
Note : Indicative value only, Actual Calculation Depends on Manufactures specification. CFL of 5W, TV of 14”-21”, Fan of 80W & Laptop of 80W
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Patent/Trademark Information:

Trademark TM
Design Registration No 12399
Copyright © 2010 Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd.
Technology Patent Patent Protected


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