Cosmic Digital UPS

Brainy S 1000

Su-Kam presents the world’s first zero changeover time Brainy S Solar UPS that is the perfect system to run all kinds of sensitive appliances through solar power and mains.
When it is connected with Su-Kam's MPPT or PWM solar charge controller, it can be converted into a smart Solar Power Conditioning Unit with charge sharing feature.
This brilliant product combines the features of UPS and Solar Power Conditioning Unit to give reliable and steady power to your computers, modems, servers and other sensitive appliances.
It can operate on both solar power as well as power from grid. However, it always gives priority to solar power.


  • Zero Transfer Time : From mains mode to battery mode, perfect for running sensitive equipment’s like computers, printers, routers.
  • Automatic Bypass System : In case of UPS failure, the Automatic by pass system helps to by-pass electricity to mains so that uninterrupted power supply can be enjoyed.
  • Charging at 90V : It is a champ at handling low voltages. Using its various smart battery technologies, Falcon+ is able to operate in conditions when the voltage is as low as 90volts. This ensures charging and backup even when grid electricity is as good as unavailable.
  • 6-stage charging: 6 Stage Charging Technology gives you highest battery charging efficiency in the industry which Increases battery life by 30%.
  • Solar Charging Sharing: PCU is intelligently designed to check the output power of the panels. If the output power is sufficient to charge the battery, then no power is taken from the mains. However, if there is a deficit of solar power, then the remaining will be taken from the mains. For example, if solar panels are making 12 amps and a 150AH battery is connected, then it will take remaining 3amps from grid.
  • Solar Priority: Su-Kam has made its off-grid solar inverter, Solar PCU, so intelligent that it can think for you. It always gives priority to solar for running electrical load and uses the rest of solar power for charging of battery bank. It also lets you decide when to connect to grid. If solar panels are not making enough power, it gives you two options: Solar-Mains-Battery and Solar-Battery-Mains.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output: Solar PCU produces pure sine wave; the ideal waveform for the transfer of AC power. Pure Sine Wave, also called as clean electricity, is best suited for health of all AC electrical load such as TV, music system, fridge, fans lights etc.
  • Compatible with any Solar Charge Controller:
  • Same backup with a small battery:


Su-kam Brainy S 1000 UPS can support the following list of equipments
  • Up to 7 Flat Screen Desktop computers
  • Laser Jet Pro Printer
  • Television
  • Fans
  • CFL
  • 1U Server
  • 220L Refrigerator (5 Star rated)
  • Tube lights
  • Room Cooler


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