Blaze 850 HF Sine Wave Inverter

Blaze HF Sine Wave Inverter

Light in weight … Heavy on performance Lightweight and rugged, Su-Kam's HF Sine Wave Inverter is a highly reliable product using state-of-the-art technology. Its high frequency operation requires less hardware, thus making it lightweight, easy to transport and an extremely reliable inverter to protect your expensive and sophisticated appliances.

Su-Kam's Blaze HF Sine Wave Inverter is equipped with a Battery Charger, that comprises of SMPS based technology which gives pure DC charging, thus protecting the battery from over charging and deep discharge.


  • Lightweight and compact design ensures economy of space and portability.
  • Pure DC Charger enhances battery life and lowers maintenance cost.
  • High surge capability for starting heavy loads.
  • Compatible with all Su-Kam Batteries (SMF/Tubular/Flooded Lead Acid).
  • User-friendly graphical display and audible alarms.
  • Future upgradeability through Digital Flash memory.
  • Fan Cooled silent running
  • Thermal Protection Shut Down to prevent overheating.
  • Resettable fuse at input for easier operation.


Su-Kam's Blaze inverter provides pure power for your home appliances from Fans, TV, Cooler and Tube lights to sophisticated Computers.
Blaze Deal For Small House with Fan TV Cooler and Tubelights

Solar Compatibility

Blaze HF Sine Wave Inverter is compatible with Solar and can be used as solar inverter.

Load Chart & Back-up Time:

Blaze 850 VA
Load Option A B C
TV 1
Tube Light 4 2 4
Fans 3 2 4
Room Cooler 1
CFL 4 4 3
  • Indicative values only, actual calculation depends on manufacturer’s specification.
  • Tube Light of 40W
  • CFL of 15 Watt
  • 19-21 inch TV
  • 48 mm Ceiling Fan (3-blades, 1000-1200 mm sweep)
  • Cooler of 160 Watt Approx.
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Patent/Trademark Information:

Trademark TM
Design Registration No 199046
Technology Patent Patent Protected


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