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Diesel Gensets

Su-Kam’s Gen-Next restores power instantly Su-Kam is renowned for technologically advanced and innovative product offerings that give value for money to its customers and ensure back-up solutions that are easy on your pocket and hard on the frequent power-cuts. Su-Kam’s GenNext series of Gensets are powered by 4-stroke, liquid cooled, diesel engines, based on state-of-the-art CRDi technology (Common Rail Direct Injection) in technical collaboration with Ricardo, UK. CRDi Technology Engine CRDi is one of the most advanced diesel technologies in the world. It combines both performance and fuel economy.


  • Clean & Green Technology: India's first Euro IV, US EPA Tier IV Interim and CPCB 2 compliant set of generators, makes it the ultimate choice for environment-conscious power consumers.
  • Silent Revolution: Specially designed CPCB approved acoustic canopy was evolved out of several designs and prototype tests. The noise measured is within 75 dba at 1meter distance under free field condition.
  • Acoustic Canopy: Suitable for outdoor installation, easy access and serviceability, integral fuel tank & silencer, Non canopied options are also available (for export only) Powder Coated with 7 tank treatment Super silent with 60 DBA options.
  • Tech Savvy: The GenNext series of Gensets are powered with an advanced ECU and optimal remote control, which controls all critical parameters of the engine.
  • Microprocessor controlled integrated controller: A microprocessor can manipulate input from sensors to help give feedback to the generator to manage itself. It helps in better performance, easier maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Main line breaker: Equipped with main line circuit breakers designed to serve two key purposes – to protect you from unsafe conditions like fire or electrocution hazards and to protect the generator from damage that may occur during short circuit or overload conditions.
  • Low operating cost: CRDi technology cuts fuel consumption by 20%, doubles torque at low engine speeds and increases power by 25%.
  • Efficient & Consumer Friendly: GenNext Gensets are 40% lighter and require 25% lesser space than other brands of repute. Its unmatched fuel efficiency, coupled with the highest maintenance interval of 500 hours and lube oil consumption of 0.1% make it the most cost-effective brand of generators to operate.



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