Telecom Site Management System

Telecom Site Management System Su-Kam's Telecom Management System is a state-of-the-art, micro-controller based power management system for cellular mobile sites. The unit integrates the functionalities of power management, remote monitoring and control of various subsystems on the cell site like batteries and the DG set.

A unique feature of the product is that it can take energy from multiple input sources in combination and extend the DC output desired to feed the telecom equipment. Hybrid input sources can be combined as Solar+DG, Solar+DG+EB etc.

A network operating and control centre (NOCC) is also provided to create a central monitoring and control facility for a large number of sites.

The Need

A shared passive infrastructure provider is required to maintain the passive infrastructure to optimum levels of efficiency. And ensure that all the subsystems are efficiently run so that not only are there no site outages but an accurate cost control is exercised. For this purpose, a reliable mechanism for remote control and monitoring of all component subsystems must be inbuilt.

The Solution

TMS offers one such reliable and efficient system for remote monitoring and control of the component subsystems of passive infrastructure in a mobile telecom system. Incorporating GSM based communication modules in the power subsystem at each site, the system monitors various relevant parameters in the subsystem and communicates with a central server at a strategic location.

How This Solution Is Unique

  • Integrates the functionalities of rectification, grid charge control, solar charge control, power management and remote monitoring and control in one unit.
  • Telcos do not need SMPS and solar charge controller (SCC) separately.
  • Comprehensive, multipurpose unit ensures uninterrupted DC supply to BTS and other
    telecom equipment.
  • A large number of sites can be monitored and controlled from a central location, which exercises fault
    control and clearance.
  • Functionality of multiple operator energy metering inbuilt.
  • Supports protocols of GPRS and SMS broadcast for status and error notification.
  • NOCC provides completer fault control mechanism including MIS generation, fault docket generation and
    notification escalation.
  • Web-based NOCC ensures easy access from any P.O.P.

The Benefits

  • Receives status of all sites.
  • Creates fault dockets / tickets for critical error messages.
  • Controls clearance of fault dockets.
  • Escalates the level of fault management in case of non-clearance.
  • Empties data loggers in each site once a day.
  • Generates complete MIS in the prescribed format.
  • Sends MIS and fault reports by e-mail / SMS to designated respondents.
  • Sends SMS to ascertain status of any or a group of sites.
  • Controls functions of sub-systems (DG, air-conditioners etc.) in BTS sites through a password.
  • Performs remote hardware settings like date, time, site id, site name etc.


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