Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Along with power back-up systems, Su-kam has developed the means of communication with these systems, so that customers can easily monitor the performance of the systems from time to time and can take appropriate measures to prevent power outages. These communication systems provide the required data to the customers to enable them to plan for preventive maintenance and corrective action for the problems encountered remotely. They also help to increase the life and efficiency of the systems.

The Need

Remote power / energy management products, or intelligent power solutions, reduce the equipment's downtime, outages and losses, and shorten the mean time to repair (MTTR). With traditional power management systems, when the need to perform a cold reboot arises, a third-party technician is often required. These services can cost in terms of money, labour and time. Should an organization be faced with temperamental or problematic equipment, these costs can quickly rise. As remote power products provide outlet-level power control, in most cases it is unnecessary to dispatch field personnel to manually execute a hard reboot. Implementing ICT based technology can help reduce dependency on maintenance staff and third-party services, facilitating cost-effective "lights-out" operation at remote offices and branch locations.

The Solution

Su-kam has developed indigenous remote monitoring and control systems for monitoring various power back-up systems like UPS (1phase and 3 phase), inverters and batteries. The software designed and developed to target different types of real life problems faced by different customers :

  • Power ether central console developed to monitor Done the power back-up systems installed at bank offices and ATM machines.
  • Stand alone monitoring software packages developed for a individual consumer having the minimum resources.
  • GSM based NOCC application developed for telecom monitoring and operations through GSM technology. It implements telecom work flow management and alarm broadcast by using email and SMS.
  • Embedded ethernet device developed for monitoring power back-up units installed at retail shops.
  • Power-Doc web based monitoring facilitates different types of devices monitored in a single window. The user can monitor UPS, inverters and solar power units in a single console at any P.O.P.
  • Power NMS web based monitoring for high capacity Inverter, Online UPS and bi-directional inverters.

The Benefits

  • The status of the power back-up system can be monitored easily from any point of presence. The software provides values of all parameters available in the power back-up system.
  • Graphs and logs give information about the state of the system.
  • Proactive alarm notification by use of email and SMS. Remote monitoring reduces the equipment's downtime, outages and losses, and shortens the mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Reduces dependency on maintenance staff and third-party services, facilitating cost-effective "lights-out" operations at remote offices and branch locations.
  • Performs remote hardware settings without attending to the systems physically by maintenance personnel.


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