Su-Kam- Trojan INV-150 Deep Cycle Battery

Su-Kam Trojan battery (Range - 150 AH) From the world leaders of deep cycle batteries. Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd., India’s leading power back-up solutions provider, and US based Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, have recently launched a co-branded, long-lasting and reliable INV-150 deep-cycle battery in India. The Su-Kam-Trojan INV-150 deep-cycle battery is specifically engineered to power both commercial and residential inverter applications.

Trojan Battery Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries and a battery technology pioneer, having built batteries for the first electric golf car in 1952. The Su-Kam – Trojan INV-150 inverter battery is replete with Trojan’s world class technologies making it one of the best, long lasting batteries to be introduced in the Indian market by Su-Kam & Trojan.

Companies and residents in India and surrounding territories will benefit from the U.S.-made components featured in the INV-150 deep-cycle battery. Advancements such as Trojan's T2 Technology™, proprietary Alpha Plus® Paste and exclusive Maxguard® separator work in synergy to deliver exceptional battery performance

Salient features of the INV-150 battery

trojan Dynel Fibre
  • Trojan’s patented Alpha Plus™ high-density paste provides longer battery life and overall sustained performance. This proprietary, high-density paste with Trojan’s T2 Technology (T2 metal agent) holds the active material in place longer and maintains structural integrity for superior deep-cycle performance.
  • Trojan’s Maxguard™ Separator with T2 Technology enables the INV-150 to deliver long battery life and high performance. The separator’s unique Multi-rib geometry design keeps
    the acid channel open which prevents shorting of
  • Trojan Seprator
  • Trojan’s Grid Technology supports heavy loads and enhances current flow through the grid network providing exceptional performance to support heavy energy loads.
Trojan Battery
  • Unique Herringbone design diffuses active material after it falls off the plates, minimizing opportunities for shorts thereby increasing battery life.

FlowBridgeTM Mud Rest

Trojan Flow Trojan Mud Rest


  • Huge Savings in Electricity Bills
    The Su-Kam-Trojan INV-150 deep cycle battery consumes less electricity while charging as compared to conventional batteries available in the market. This leads to savings of upto 30% energy vs that achieved by a conventional battery
  • Occupies Lesser Storage Space 
    The Su-Kam-Trojan Battery is small & highly compact. This feature of the battery enables it to fit in any small space reducing the space occupied by it by 50% as compared to conventional TT batteries. This also reduces the cost incurred for installing additional trolleys used in larger sized batteries.
Trojan Cubic Feet
  • 20% Faster Charging 
    The battery’s high charge acceptability feature enables battery to charge faster, providing backup in frequent power cuts. Therefore, it takes comparatively lesser time to charge than the best tubular batteries available in the market
  • 80% Less Self Discharge 
    Su-Kam-Trojan INV-150 battery has 80% less self discharge thereby increasing the shelf life of the battery. It further reduces the cost of electricity consumption
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