Sukam Power Bank Series

Power Bank Series - 50AH - 220 AH

Power Bank series is an economical multi cell flat plate series. A proven Technology for years offers good electrical performance and better distribution of lead mass for current distribution and long grid life. The battery uses more plates, means more surface area giving more power.

Product features:

  • Extra thick plates for excellent discharge performance which increases the battery life.
  • Extremely pure Lead Oxide for low maintenance and higher shelf life.
  • Double separation between plates to prevent them from shorting and active material shedding.
  • Using advances (US) technology for Inter Cell Welding which ensues optimal performance due to low internal resistance.
  • Micro porous aqua trap vent plug to ensure minimum acid fumes and hence ensures low maintenance of batteries.
  • Low Antimony alloy reduces electrolysis loss, hence require low maintenance.
  • Ceramic flame arrestor prevents electrical sparks to go in and therefore ensures highest degree of safety for all domestic and office usage.
  • Less power consumption during recharging, due to high charge efficiency and low internal resistance (due to low antimony, purest oxide and electrolyte).
  • Best engineered product to suit with all types of inverter and UPS products.


  • Values for money
  • Reliable
  • Robust, tolerant to rough handling
  • Longer life
  • Better back-up

Backup Time

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