Jumboz Tubular Battery

Jumboz Series - 150AH

The tubular-plate technology enables batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent, reliable power. They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing battery life. The tubular-plate batteries perform better on heavy-duty applications. Even the maintenance required with these batteries is quite less. The batteries withstand long and frequent power cuts.

Product features:

  • Heavy duty tubular plate cast at High Pressure.
  • Advanced paste with low antimony alloy reduces self discharge.
  • Low Resistance envelope separator provides low internal resistance and reduces chances of stratification.
  • Thick spines for enhanced current flow and lesser corrosion.


  • Advanced paste provides long shelf life, reduces water loss and results in minimum maintenance.
  • Heavy duty spines for excellent cyclic life and deep discharges.
  • Reliable battery even in high temperature applications.
  • Provides excellent cyclic life with deep cycle discharges.
  • Batteries acceptability to sustains even high rate discharges on heavy loads.

Backup Time

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