Big Worrier Tubular Battery

Big Warrier™ Series - 150AH, 180AH, 200AH

The tubular-plate technology enables batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent, reliable power. They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing battery life. The tubular-plate batteries perform better on heavy-duty applications. Even the maintenance required with these batteries is quite less. The batteries withstand long and frequent power cuts.

Product features:

  • Batteries made with high acid volume in each cell.
  • Extra thick gauntlets suitable for Indian Climatic condition.
  • Spines cast at high pressure to ensure minimum corrosion for reliability, extra long life and strength.
  • DARAMIC separator with high porosity, low electrical resistance and excellent oxidation resistant.
  • Micro-porous ceramic vent plugs with float guide indicators.
  • Extra Thick spines and bus bar.
  • Leak proof heat Sealed container.


  • Long Shelf Life - Heavy Duty Tubular Plates to give you excellent cyclic life with deep cycle capabilities.
  • Low Maintenance – Minimum topping up frequency.
  • Excellent performance under extreme temperature conditions.
  • Aesthetically designed, low foot print – occupies less space.
  • Thick spices for excellent Discharge performance on heavy loads.
  • Specially designed vent plugs for minimum acid fumes.
  • Float guide indicator - for easy maintenance.
  • Suitable for all types of UPS/HUPS and standby application.
  • Better thermal stability even for high charge and discharges due to high acid volume.

Backup Time

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