A patent is a title conferred upon the creator of an invention giving them the sole right to make, use and sell that invention. Our team at Su-Kam® always aspires to create something of value for its customers. The numbers of patents, which no doubt, grow every year, are perhaps the greatest achievement for us when we see that these new ideas have such a positive impact on the daily lives of our users.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INDIA It is an acknowledged fact that one of the most powerful yardsticks to measure a company's worth is the quantum and quality of its inventions and new developments. In all these respects, Su-Kam® has an enviable record. Its unwavering commitment to R&D has led to a string of new products and technologies that have been recognised by the Government.

Other than being credited with the largest number of patents filed for technology and design, we have also developed two patented software solutions: Powerdoc Monitoring System for the remote monitoring of large capacity products and Recall Software which enables the diagnosis of problem areas without the need to open up the inverter. Su-Kam® has filed over 76 Technology Patents, 189 Copyrights, 136 Trademarks and has 88 Design Patents to its credit in India, USA and other countries. Today, nearly 2 technology patents are filed in a month and we expect to file an impressive 100 technology patents, another record-breaking number in the power back-up industry.

For us at Su-Kam®, growth has always been fuelled by innovation.


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