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Kunwer Sachdev – Revolutionizing The Inverter Industry With Su-Kam®
Recipe-for-success Kunwer Sachdev does not come from a technical background. The man having a degree in law, who started out by making pens and eventually venturing out to the cable TV business, had known little that he will be the one to revolutionize the inverter industry in India.

Currently working as the CEO and founder of Su-Kam® Power Systems, he looks after the topmost inverter production company in India.

He says he got into power electronics more by chance rather than by design. We got a chance to interview him. He told us about his life so far, experiences in building a succesful enterprise and shared some advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Mr. Sachdev: As a child I grew up in an entrepreneur’s colony which has given rise to the strong entrepreneurial spirit in me. My childhood however was not an easy one as we were not exactly well off.

I went to Hindu college where I studied mathematical statistics. More than the academic learning from the under graduate course I earned my skills for a lifetime. It was a life changing experience for me. I was a very shy person when I joined college and also was not so conversant with English. On a friend’s advice I started reading books to improve my language skills. Over the three years at college I learnt how to talk to people, take them along, make groups and organize things.

After completing my graduation in 1984 I joined my brother. I also coined a name for the pen’s business – Su Kam. The term did not have any specific meaning except that it sounded like a nice name for the pen’s that I had plans to manufacture. I could not work too long with my brother though. I also joined evening classes in law as I had the constant pressure of achieving something in life.

Later I started the cable TV business without any technical understanding of the subject. I realized that if I wanted satisfied customers I have to learn everything about it including actually fixing things myself. I started reading my class ninth and tenth Physics books to gain a greater understanding. By 1996-97 my cable TV business was flourishing and I had a factory with 50 employees.

By now I thought I had found my area of work. However this was not to be. A constant malfunctioning of the inverter actually led me and my team at Su Kam to start working on what was going become an industry trend setter – the first inverter from Su Kam! The rest as they say is history.

Su-Kam® Managing Director Mr.Sachdev at IIM, Lucknow

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev's story of entrepreneurial success was heard by eager students at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow on the day two of the summit on 26th November 2011. The occasion was the Entrepreneurship Summit, 2011, the three-day flagship event of the EntrepreneurshipCell of the Institute start on 25th of November 2011 till 27th November 2011 at IIM Lucknow The theme this year was : "Entrepreneurship : The Rising Tide in Uncertain Times". The theme is chosen to emulate the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in the present global economic scenario and the emphasis is on the importance of innovation and invention for businesses to deliver during economic uncertainty.

The Entrepreneurship summit provides a platform for students to not only present their ideas but also to seek guidance and mentoring from successful industrial veterans. The summit also enables the students to interact with SME's and gain an understanding of real life scenarios of the strategies followed and problems faced by the SME's to sustain their businesses.

On the second day of the summit, Mr. Sachdev spoke on growth strategies for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME's), during a session on innovative financial solutions for SME's by IIA and SIDBI. Mr. Sachdev not only guided the students to become a successful entrepreneur even his thought process influenced the students to have a vision in their life and motivated students to start work on their ideas.



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