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Kunwer Sachdeva, the founder of India's leading power solutions company - Su-Kam® Power Systems, is one of the greatest innovator, marketer, motivational speaker and visionary entrepreneur of our times. The success story of Sachdeva's Su-Kam® is the biggest example of 'Make in India'.

Journey of Self-Made Indian Entrepreneur, Kunwer Sachdeva
Must Watch: Journey of Self-Made Indian Entrepreneur, Kunwer Sachdeva

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Early Life

Coming from a lower middle-class family background, Sachdeva never let financial constraints stop him from becoming a serial entrepreneur from a young age of 15 years. He started off by selling pens on cycle with his older brother, and later founded a profitable business of cable TV communications in Delhi. Being a visionary, Kunwer was quick to foresee the growth of power backup industry in India and decided to shut down his cable TV business in 1998 to found Su-Kam® Power Systems.

Guiding force behind the company, Sachdeva catapulted Su-Kam® to the top league of companies in its category within a short span of a few years. Once a startup, Su-Kam®, is now an Indian Multi-National Corporation, and is recognized as one of the fastest growing organization among the India Inc. 500. Sachdeva has been instrumental in expanding company's operations to almost 90 countries worldwide and capturing the power market in Africa and Asia.

The Innovator: Innovations in UPS/Inveter Industry

With a degrees in Mathematical Statistics and law from Delhi University, and no technical background, he mastered the advanced technology used in power electronics owing to his zest for learning. Besides leading the overall business of the company he also heads Su-Kam's R & D division.

Sachdeva was the first Indian entrepreneur to file patents for technology and design in the Indian power backup Industry. He is also credited with inventing world's first plastic-body inverters which has been declared as 'Innovation of the Decade' by India Today. Kunwer revolutionized the power back-up industry by introducing world-class technologies such as MOSFET, Micro controller based and DSP Sine Wave into inverters. He also gave 'Home UPS' to India which combined the features of UPS and inverter into a single equipment. Before Su-Kam's entry, the inverter industry was dominated by hundreds of local players who were selling substandard products - Kunwer challenged the entire industry into becoming an organized sector.

Kunwer is never satisfied with his achievements and always strives to create better technology. Kunwer wondered, “ If all electronics these days have touch-screen and wifi, why can't home UPS have this?” He sprang into action then to decode the technology for UPS. And now Kunwer is ready to launch his brainchild: World's first touch-screen UPS which will be wifi enabled so that you can monitor it from your phone. Who could think of this?

Owing to his many contributions to the power back-up industry, Kunwer is rightly known as 'Inverter Man Of India'.

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The Solar Man of India

Kunwer's love for 'technovation' only continues to grow. He is particularly interested in making green energy (solar) available to everyone in India. A decade ago, Kunwer Sachdeva predicted that solar products will witness a boom in coming years. His ideas about household solar products translated into products such as Solarcon (one of its kind solar conversion kit which lets you transform your existing inverter into solar inverter) and Brainy (world's first hybrid solar home UPS).

He has been involved in making innovative solar products to suit needs of everyone from a small house in remote village to big industries. He is also behind the making of unique solar DC system which comes with equipment than can be directly run on DC energy (100% energy efficient). Kunwer's efforts have made Su-Kam® acquire largest market share in solar residential sector in India. Kunwer's latest vision is to see every single household powered by solar.

Clearly, his mantra is “I innovate therefore I am”.

The Marketer

Kunwer recognized the importance of marketing and advertising quite early as Su-Kam® became the the first inverter company to advertise in newspapers. Before Kunwer's entry into power solutions sector, no company had a proper manual/catalogue of products but Kunwer changed that as Su-Kam® came up with creative marketing collateral for all its products.

He is also known to be the founding father of first-of-its-kind marketing strategy which was later followed by many other brands- in late 90s he persuaded dhaba owners around Delhi to put their name on Su-Kam® boards and advertise along with their product. The famous tale goes that Kunwer was once visiting Dal lake in Kashmir where he saw many beautiful 'Sikara boats', an next day, they were all covered in Su-Kam- innovative branding at its best.

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Kunwer is one of the very few entrepreneurs to realize the importance of 'internal branding'. Kunwer set the company culture of Su-Kam® in such a way that the entire staff happily celebrates all festivals (including Su-Kam's special 'Sports Week') like a big family.

In association with ETV and actor Ravi Kishen, Kunwer also launched the first reality TV show to find India's greatest Salesman - Sales ka Baazigar. Never before anyone had created a show to not only hunt for best salespeople in India but to also give real jobs to the winners. The show got an amazing reception as thousands participated (even from remote villages) and millions watched it on their TV screens. The winners now work in Su-Kam®.

Making Indian Brand Global

Kunwer Sachdeva has always believed that if you can dream it, you can do it. Shortly after Su-Kam® became a famous brand for power back-up solutions in India, Kunwer envisioned his Indian brand capturing global markets - his vision did turn true. Su-Kam® was the first company in the industry to start exporting its products to foreign markets in 2003. Mr. Sachdeva travelled around the world to identify opportunities and develop products for these markets.

Under Kunwer's guidance, Su-Kam® has now established itself as a reliable brand in 90 countries worldwide. Su-Kam® is adored and has won awards in Africa, Middle-eastern countries and Nepal. In Africa, people trust this 'Made in India' brand more than Chinese or American companies.

Media Coverage

Kunwer Sachdeva's rags to riches story has turned a great source of inspiration for many, and has also been featured in books and TV shows. Bestselling author, Rashmi Bansal, has featured Kunwer Sachdeva and Su-Kam® journey in the popular book 'Connect the Dots'. Porus Munshi, another famous author, has written about Sachdeva's innovations in his book 'Breakthrough Innovation: How 11 Indians Pulled Off the Impossible'. Mr. Sachdeva has also been interviewed by well-known journalist, Richa Anirudh, for the show Zindagi Live.

He has been interviewed by many national and international media outlets such as Forbes, Business Standard, Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times etc.

Speaking Engagements

Mr. Kunwer Sachdeva has been invited as key speaker at many entrepreneurship summits, and many leading business schools like IITs, IIMs and BITS to talk about his success mantra.

Personal Interests

Kunwer enjoys reading, playing piano, swimming, doing Yoga and running marathons.

Awards & Nominations

Kunwer has won several awards for entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Most notable of them being Government of India's 'Bharat Shiromani' and Ernst and Young's 'Entrepreneur of the Year'.

Personal Life

Kunwer Sachdev lives in Gurgaon with his wife Khushboo Sachdev and children, Kanav and Shourrya Sachdev.


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