Home Inverters/Ups (600VA-1.5 KVA)

Choosing best Inverter/UPS for Home?

We understand that to select the best inverter for your house could be a difficult task. To solve your problem, we have created this page that answers your questions about inverters/UPS.

What is an inverter? How does it work?

Please watch this short animation to understand how invertors work. We have tried to explain the concept in the simplest manner possible:

How to calculate size of inverter?

To calculate how big of an inverter you need, you have to first know your total electrical load. We have made this useful tool called 'Power Calculator'. Select the number of electrical appliance you want to connect to your inverter and you will get your total load. It is advisable that you should buy an inverter whose capacity is at least 30% higher than that of your total load. For example if you total load is 1000 watts then it is recommended to get an inverter of 1600 watts.

Sine Wave or Square Wave Inverter?
Sine Wave Graph Square Wave Graph
Inverters that are powered by pure sine wave technology are undoubtedly the best. Here are 3 reasons why you should buy pure sine wave inverters.
  • Safety:

    In addition to running usual load, sine wave inverters can safely power IT load such as computers, internet modem, flatscreen LCD TV, music system etc.

  • Clean Electricity:

    If you every try touching an equipment which is being run on square wave inverter you will notice that it is very hot - that is because energy is being wasted as heat. Sine wave inverters, on the other hand provide clean electricity which also saves you money.

  • Noiseless:

    Sine wave inverters are so quiet that you wouldn't even notice when they switch on. You will forget powercuts!



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