MPPT Based Solar Systems, Ethiopia (TELECOM PROJECT)

Recently we installed MPPT based Solar Charge Controller for a project for 250 sites of telecom. This project was awarded to us under the EXIM Bank Line of Credit scheme of the Government of India and Ethiopia. The product was specially designed to provide 98% output thus reducing the overall cost. This project has been expanded to cover more sites and Su-Kam® is delivering the solution for 2200 telecom sites in Ethiopia.

Street Lighting Project, Gabon (STREET LIGHT- PUBLIC WORKS PROJECT)

Su-Kam® installed 2000 solar street lights in remote villages of Kango (350 kms from Libreville), Mouila (1200 kms from Libreville) and Bitam (900 kms from Libreville) in Gabon (Libreville is the capital and largest city of Gabon, in West Central Africa). The solar PCUs developed and installed by Su-Kam® in these areas work on the ‘Dusk to Dawn’ technology and automatically regulate lighting of street lights after sundown. The Su-Kam® team faced several challenges during installation such as lack of skilled manpower, no roads for transporting raw material, inhospitable terrains and weather, scarcity of food and unavailability of tools etc.

Prior to installation of these solar street lights, the villagers used to end their day and stop all activity at sundown. Su-Kam® has given a new life to the villagers who now have access to both electricity and employment.

Solar Home Lighting Project, Gabon ( CSR ACTIVITY)

Gabon is developing a Special Economic Zone which led to displacement of many people living in the area. The SEZ as well as the area where they were relocated had no power supply. The Government of Gabon wanted innovative solutions to ensure basic requirement of lighting, playing radios and charging mobiles could be met for at least 20~ 24 hours at a stretch.

They brought this entire program under the CSR activity of OLAM International. OLAM solicited technical solutions from various international companies. Su-kam® offered the Solar Home Lighting System (SHLS) which has 32 hours backup. We were awarded a contract for 6400 units of SHLS on the basis of technology, convenience, price, track record and experience of implementing another project in Gabon.

6400 SHLS were installed in the villages in a period of 6 months. Su-Kam® was contented seeing the smile on the faces.

Hybrid Solar Solutions in Remote Villages of Malawi
Hybrid Solar Solutions in Remote Villages of Malawi, Africa

For the last seven years, a team from Su-Kam® has been quietly at work in the African nation of Malawi, one of the most under-developed regions of the world. The team has successfully installed electricity powered by wind and solar energy for the first time for the inhabitants of five remote villages: Chigundu, Mdayaka, Eluyumi, Kumbande and Kadzuwa.

The team observed and analysed the conditions in the villages and decided on a hybrid system - a combination of solar and wind energy. The wind speeds in these villages were found to be around 5 metres per second, adequate to generate electricity. Sunshine is also in abundance. The usage of the windmills succeeded in bringing down both the costs of the project and the space requirements of the installations.

Windmills generate electricity through the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy. The wind rotates the blades of the windmill. Its shaft is connected to an inverter, which converts the mechanical movement of the blades to electricity.

In each village, Su-Kam® has installed 3 wind generators of 4.2 kW each, along with solar photovoltaic modules of 24 V / 150 W, generating 7.5 kW. All told, the systems are generating 20.1 kW for around 150 households in each village.

Major Projects Delivered in Nigeria
Major Projects Delivered in Nigeria
  • The first solar roof top system of 30 KVA was installed at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria for the overall office load. This project was executed by our channel partner in Nigeria in the year 2004-05. This was the first of its kind solar installation in Nigeria where a standalone system was installed along with multiple solar chargers in string to generate 30KW output.

  • Global HIV AIDS in Nigeria (Ghain) project funded by World Bank. 75 units of 7.5kva/120v were installed in various federal government hospitals with HIV AIDS testing laboratories across 36 states of Nigeria.

  • U-17 football World Cup held in Nigeria in 2009 - High capacity Su-Kam® online ups (20kva; 25kva; 30kva; 40kva; 50kva) were installed in 18 stadiums across Nigeria for the global event.

  • Su-Kam® On line UPS has become the lifeline for major banks across Nigeria. Almost 500 ATM locations across the nation are powered by Su-Kam's online UPS in some of the major banks including Skye Bank, Unity Bank, FCMB and Afri Bank.

  • Nigerian Police Headquarters are using Su-Kam® inverters of various capacities as power back up for their office building.

  • Defence headquarters/Abuja - Su-Kam® inverters/Online UPS are installed in their premises for critical applications.

  • Leading National Television station of Nigeria -Nigerian television authority (NTA) -50kva online ups is being used to support their television station.

  • Brila FM -Leading Radio station -40kva/360v online UPS has been installed for providing power back up to their radio station.

  • Freedom Radio/kano-Su-kam® 30kva/360v Online UPS is being used as a major power back solution by this Radio station.

  • Christ Embassy /Lords Chosen Church -These are Nigeria's leading churches. They have installed Su-Kam® 40kva/360v and 50kva/360v inverters in their premises as a major power back up solution.

  • River state Secretariat -30kva/360v online UPS

  • British Embassy/Port Harcourt - 30kva/360v online UPS.

  • West African Examination Council - 10 units of 30kva/360v online UPS were installed by this agency for their major online examination centres across the country.

  • University of Zaria: 25 units of 7.5kva were installed in various faculties across the University.

  • University of Enugu: 15kva/360v inverters are used for powering their university campus.

  • KFC: They are using Su-Kam® inverters in all their outlets across Nigeria.

  • Nigerian Army: Large quantities of Su-Kam® 5kva/48v inverters are being used by Nigerian Army for critical applications.

  • MTN Cooperative Society-MTN is a leading telecom Player in Nigeria. Members of their cooperative society have been patronizing Su-Kam® inverters over the years for their domestic use.

Off-Grid Solar Solutions for Schools
Off-Grid Solar Solutions for Schools, Rwanda, Africa

Su-Kam® is working on a turnkey solar project covering 105 sites in Rwanda, Africa awarded by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. We are supplying, installing and commissioning Solar Photo Voltaic equipment and associated items for 35 schools in remote areas of Rwanda. This would help light up 35 schools with PCU Packages, 35 solar packages and 35 Home Lighting systems. We are conducting the pre-installation survey of the site and drawing out a detailed engineering plan. Sukam's team will provide onsite training on operation and maintenance (O & M) to a team from Rwanda.

Mines Housing Project
Mines Housing Project, Zimbabwe (MINES HOUSING)

The people working in mines in Zimbabwe had been living under miserable conditions as they had no access to power during the night. This was hampering the mining business since non-motivated and tired people are generally less productive. Mines are normally in remote locations where getting diesel is difficult and costly. Moreover, diesel being inflammable can be a safety hazard for the mines, miners and the entire region. This makes it unviable to have DG sets onsite .

The Su-Kam® team had technical discussions with the team from Zimbabwe. Thereafter our technical team visited the site to assess the load, charging profile and usage pattern of the mines. We installed a sample before the full fledged project was launched. The mines being in remote areas services could have been prohibitively expensive. Hence our solution had to offer reliability, low maintenance and long back up hours with a highly user friendly model.

We offered 1000 systems of 1.4KVA and Tubular Batteries with solar charging options. The first batch of 500 systems has already been installed and second will soon be installed. The Government of Zimbabwe has appreciated the solution offered and hopes to offer this solution to all other mines in the country.

Health Clinics

Health has been an area of concern for most African countries. The fact that almost 35 government hospitals across Zambia face an erratic power situation has therefore been an issue that needed to be addressed. Keeping life saving medicines and offering medical services to the patient has been a challenge. Government of India through its Line of Credit has taken the initiative to ensure that these hospitals have power and also have a back up of upto 48 hours.

Su-Kam® has been awarded this project basis its successful execution and performance of various projects in Africa. The team from Zambia visited the Su-Kam® factory to inspect and understand the systems. Our team also visited the site. This project is being implemented in all 35 hospitals in Zambia.

Mines Projects
Mines Projects, Zambia (MINES PROJECTS)

Su Kam has installed 15KWp solar systems at the copper mines at Copper Stome in Zambia. These are hybrid systems being charged both from grid power as well as solar power. This project has been subsidised by the Government of Zambia.

Given that mines form one of the biggest export sectors for Zambia, the Government is promoting solar power systems to provide uninterrupted power supply to the mines. The first 15 KWp system was a pilot which is running successfully. The Government of Zambia is now offering subsidy to the other mines for installation of Solar Power systems.

Solar Telecom Project
Solar Telecom Project, Afghanistan (TELECOM AND COMMUNICATION)

In the rugged, mountainous terrains of insurgency hit Afghanistan, Su-Kam® is making its presence felt with its technology and the company is contributing significantly towards the growth of the telecommunications sector in Afghanistan. An official department of the Government of Afghanistan assigned Su-Kam® the mandate for installing communication towers across 17 provinces out of 34, powered entirely by solar energy; with a diesel generator on site to serve as a standby. Of the 17 sites, 15 are designed to deliver a back-up period of 3 days in a row, with no solar power at all. The remaining 2 sites will deliver a back-up period of 5 days. Su-Kam® provided the entire solar power solution on a turnkey basis. The company won this coveted contract pitching against global competition.

The heart of the solar system installed by Su-Kam® is an innovative Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) along with built-in charge controller and Solar Panels (monocrystalline) Cells.

UNDP Project
UNDP Project, Nepal (NGO)

UNDP required online UPS systems to ensure that they remain connected with all their international offices despite long power cuts. Their typical requirement was to have long, uninterrupted power supply on their monitoring systems. Su-Kam® offered them a 150KVA solution with 3 phase Online UPS systems (15KVAx10 nos) to meet their requirement load and their connectivity requirements.

Palawan Island Projects
Palawan Island Projects, Philippines (DEFENSE/COMMUNICATION)

A small but important Island in Philippines, Palawan uses Su-Kam's electronics systems. In 2005, we offered a customised solution to the Communication Department of the Defence sector, this being a very important system from the point of view of security. It was a communication system at 24V with 5000 VA meant for installation in Palawan Island.


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