Asia is an important export market for Su-Kam®

Power back systems including inverters and Solar Power Systems are lighting up villages, hospitals, hotels, government offices, schools and homes across Asia. Su-Kam’s team has been a part of this journey of the Asia Region for over ten years. Over the years our team has made untiring efforts to deliver projects in the most difficult of conditions in the rugged mountainous terrains of Afghanistan. We also have a strong presence in close to 15 countries in Asia including Nepal, Philippines, and Bangladesh.

Su-Kam at Asia

Our continuous focus on bringing electricity to these countries, has made us the ‘Most Promising Brand of Asia’, an honour conferred upon us in 2013. In addition to distributors, dealers and experience stores, our products, services and projects are designed keeping in mind the particular and peculiar needs of the region. This is what keeps us close to our customers and brings us accolades such as the Frost and Sullivan Voice of Customer Awards.

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