Zimbabwe mainly depends on hydroelectric power. However, situations are just worse in the rural parts as around 90 percent of people depend on kerosene and wood fuel for food processing, lighting, cooking etc. Total consumption of electricity was 7,900Gwh in the year 2009, out of which 53 percent was produced with renewable sources.

Su-Kam has played an excellent role in improving the miserable conditions prevalent in Zimbabwe. One example is that of helping people working in mines who didn’t have any access to power at night. This was causing problems in the business since mines are always in such locations where it is costly and difficult to get diesel.

Su-Kam team studied the charging profile, load as well as pattern of the mines. A sample was installed before the complete project could be launched. The company installed 1000 systems of Tubular and 1.4KVA batteries having an option of solar charging. These solutions are known for their low-maintenance, reliability as well as long back up hours. installation of 500 systems has been completed and the next would soon be installed. Zimbabwe Government has appreciated this initiative and hopes that this solution proves effective.

Su-Kam's commercial and home UPS are loved by people of Zimbabwe. Demand for solar products is also increasing. Su-Kam's channel partner, A. Lucky Brand (Pvt) Ltd, has been playing a key role in making the brand popular in Zimbabwe by providing excellent customer service.

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