Employee Engagement

Endeavour to build an engaged organisation

Endeavour vdo The advantages of an engaged organisation are well documented but for Su-Kam® the motivation for creating an engaged organisation does not stem forth only from these. For Su-Kamians coming to work is not a burden, impromptu celebrations are routine and target achievement doesn’t require pushing. Energy levels in the offices and plants never seem to ebb.

At Su-Kam® employee engagement translates into every Su-Kamian merging into the folds of one big family. Su-Kam’s engagement extends to the members of the employees’ families - they are invited to tours of the facilities and plants, receive appreciation letters on target achievement by the employee and the Managing Director often spends an evening with their children. In response, the Su-Kamian family members are found checking on sales and production target achievements.

Encourage multi directional and transparent communication

Transparency in communication forms the foundations of a strong organization and fosters trust amongst employees. At Su-Kam® we believe that transparent communication is the key to an engaged workforce. Our internal communication does not remain limited to a monthly newsletter or to regular MIS meetings. We believe communication is transparent when there is constant, unrestricted dialog across levels. The management openly shares information with the employees. For example the daily sales figures are updated on a ticker installed in the Head Office.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

All Work and No Play Makes vdo As the age old saying goes - all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Su-Kam® takes this saying very seriously and creates a fun filled work environment. Every Su-Kamian eagerly awaits the annual Sports Week. Everyone from the senior management to the junior most member of the family participates in indoor and outdoor games. Our teams participate in inter corporate cricket matches and a volley ball team is in the making.

Accessibility of Senior Management

Every senior manager at Su-Kam® is accessible to their colleagues 24X7, is encouraged to give them a patient listening when required, remain non-judgmental and help find solutions. Su-Kamians are free to share their views in open forums led by the Managing Director as well as in one-on-one conversations with their direct supervisor and other senior managers. The Su-Kam® Community page is a vibrant community. Over 1500 members, starting from the Managing Director down to the office boy, provide constant updates, share information and encourage each other.


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