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Nepal Earthquake: Su-Kam pulling out all stops to aid the rescue mission

Nepal Earthquake: Su-Kam® pulling out all stops to aid the rescue mission

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Nepal on April 25th 2015 caused untold damage to Kathmandu, the capital, and its citizens. Su-Kam's local partners and employees got fully involved in providing relief to the earthquake victims in Nepal. Su-Kam® donated 800 Solar Home Lighting Systems to the Nepal government for rehabilitation work. Su-Kam® also distributed truck loads containing food, medicines, clothing, quilt and 200 large outdoor umbrellas for the victims in response to mammoth disaster in Nepal. Su-Kam's brand manager Mr. Kanav Sachdeva visited Nepal to monitor the situation at the ground level and to check the factory there which fortunately escaped major damage.
Su-Kam adopts a village in Haryana

Su-Kam® adopts a village in Haryana

On April 8th 2015, Su Kam adopted Baniyani village in Rohtak, the native village of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Su-Kam® MD Mr. Kunwer Sachdev visited the village along with his team to look into the possibilities of progress. Rohtak DC Shekhar Vidyarthi, ADC Amit Khatri, SDM Dr Sushil Kumar Malik and other administrative and revenue officials accompanied the team. Government and company officials interacted with villagers to know their requirements and chalk out a course of action.
Su-Kam® is going to provide facilities required at the government school in the village, develop roads and install street lights.
Su-Kam takes an initiative to donate life to Thalassemic children

Su-Kam® takes an initiative to donate life to Thalassemic children

Su-Kam® believes & propagates the thought “share your blood; that you've got in plenty, with those who don't & are desperate to live again”. And our belief led us to organize an event in alliance with the Rotary Blood Bank, Delhi on the 24th of this month. A lot of enthusiastic Su-Kamians played Good Samaritans & participated to share blood & donate a life to Thalassemic children, who need a unit of blood every 3 months. These children probably had more blood transfusions than they've had chocolates, & are missing their childhood. So we thought of starting with them first. We ensured that stringent safety procedures were undertaken for the donors & their good work was rewarded with a souvenir to cherish. Su-Kam® has taken its first step, & requests you to join hands to take this initiative forward & share this philosophy to the world. After all, we all have something to share in life!
Su-Kam reaches out to underprivileged children

Su-Kam® reaches out to underprivileged children

Su-Kam® Power Systems Ltd. proved once again that the company is committed to reach out to the less fortunate among us. On 12th November, 2011, the NGO Family Vision celebrated Children's Day at Tagore International School, East of Kailash, New Delhi.

Su-Kam® has been associated with Family Vision for some time now and made a significant contribution to this event as well. Around 1000 children aged five years and above gathered on the occasion and presented programmes of music, dance and theatre. The best performers were awarded prizes and all the children were treated to great food, gifts and surprise bags. The day was marked by the wonderful enthusiasm, talent and joy expressed by the children from the underprivileged sections of society. For the Su-Kam® team, it proved to be a deeply satisfying experience, adding another milestone to its CSR activities.

Su-Kam CSR Initiative

CSR Initiative - the Solar Way!

In a unique initiative, Su-Kam® brought light and hope to Dhauj, an electricity starved village in Haryana. In the first phase of this commendable CSR initiative, the company has taken on the responsibility of providing much needed electricity to the homes in the village. The Su-Kam® team trained the villagers in solar generation and storage of power. Being able to utilise the abundant energy of the sun, which comes without a price tag, will transform the lives of the villagers in Dhauj. This is the best means to spur overall development in the village - from the children's' education to employment generation and much more.

Corporate Social Responsibility can be understood as a management concept and a process that integrates social and environmental concerns in business operations and a Company's interactions with the full range of its stakeholders. Every organization has its own definition and method of giving back to the society. We believe CSR help businesses operate in a socially responsible manner and strengthen their goodwill. Whilst short-term economic gain can be pursued, the failure to account for long-term social and environmental impacts makes those business practices unsustainable.


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