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Su-Kam® Power Systems Ltd. is India's largest power solutions company which has presence in 90 countries worldwide and holds a record for being the only company in this field to file for over 100 patents. It manufactures more than 200 products including various solar products, UPS, batteries and customized solar solutions. According to a recent report published by Bridge to India, Su-Kam® has the biggest share in India's residential solar market.

From being a start-up in 1998 (when it was founded), Su-Kam® has grown exponentially to become an Indian MNC and a successful example of “Make in India”, as it has offices and over 40,000 channel partners in many countries around the world. The first Indian power solutions company to win the title of 'Superbrand', Su-Kam® is counted among one of the fastest growing companies according to India Inc.

Overview of Su-Kam's Products

Su-Kam's range of 200 products meet demand of a wide range of segments; residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company makes home inverters/UPS, High Capacity Inverters, Commercial, Online & Line interactive UPSs catering to capacities up to 500 KVA. The company also specializes in manufacturing Lead Acid, Tubular, SMF, Tall Tubular & Automotive batteries, Battery equalizers, Battery Management Systems. Products in the solar range include solar inverters, off-grid systems, grid-tie inverters, solar charge controllers - PWM and MPPT, power conditioning units, solar lighting systems etc.

Technovations at Su-Kam®

Su-kam Founder Kunwer Sachdeva

Su-Kam's award-winning R & D unit has a team of 50 talented engineers and scientists who do intensive research for creating technologically advanced products. Owing to the hard work of these experts, Su-Kam® has been able to file for over 100 patents.

The culture of innovation set by Kunwer Sachdev (founder of Su-Kam®), who is popularly known as a visionary and self-made entrepreneur, spearheaded the invention of world's first solar hybrid UPS. Su-Kam's Brainy - home solar UPS - can run on both solar and the grid.

Su-Kam® has also developed India's first touch-screen and wi-fi enabled Solar Power Conditioning Unit. Based on advanced MPPT technology, it can be monitored from anywhere in the world through laptop, tablet or phone.

Su-kam Solar DC Power System

Another revolutionary development by Su-Kam® has been in the field of Solar DC Power Systems. Su-Kam's R & D team has created a DC system which comes with LED lights and fans which run on pure DC generated by solar panels - no conversion losses!

Su-kam Electroscopy

As the company strongly believes in giving the best to customers, it has created an innovative device called Electroscopy which lets you 'see' the internal functions of an electrical equipment. It can be used to compare two inverters for their DC/AC waveform, switch-over time, harmonics and efficiency - things which are important but can't be seen otherwise. Not only inverters, this device can compare efficiency of any two electric appliances such as blenders, refrigerators etc. It empowers the customer to make the right decision based on knowledge rather than falling for mere marketing gimmicks.

Su-kam Automatic Temperature Compensation

Su-Kam's products run on latest 4th generation micro-processor - the same kind which is used in our laptops and smart phones these days. It's smart UPS are equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology - a unique sensor that automatically adjusts battery charging according to the ambient temperature to maximize battery performance.

Su-Kam® is well-known for putting the disorganized power backup industry into order and for inventing Home UPS which eradicated the need of having a separate UPS for computers. It was also the first Indian company to make sine wave inverters which eliminated the irritating buzzing noise of square wave UPS. It also made world's first plastic body inverter - Chic - which was adjudged as the innovation of the decade by India Today.

Owing to continuous innovations by Su-Kam®, no low quality Chinese products has been able enter the Indian market. UPS industry is the only industry in India to have 0% Chinese market share. Su-Kam's quality products are preferred over Chinese sub-standard products.

Solarizing the World - Executing Exemplary Solar Projects

“I want to see every Indian household running on solar” - Kunwer Sachdev, Founder and MD of Su-Kam®

Su-Kam® offers a wide range of solar products which can meet any need starting from 30W to 300MW.

Su-Kam®, under a project by UPNEDA, installed solar DC System in over 40,000 households in remote villages of Uttar Pradesh - the villages which had never been electrified now has electricity 24x7. Su-Kam® also executed a similar project under Tamil Nadu Government and installed solar home lighting in 27000 houses in the region.

Many school, colleges, universities, Government offices and hospitals run on Su-Kam's solar power systems. Most notable among our solar installation is 1.3 MW of solar off-grid power system at various North Eastern locations of Assam Rifles - Indian Army.

Su-Kam's solar products are not only improving the lives of Indians but are also helping many other countries. Su-Kam® has solarized 35 schools in Rwanda and installed solar street lights in remote villages of Malawi. These villages in Malawi never had electricity and life used to come to a standstill after sun set. Scarcity of food, dearth of trained personnel and rough weather conditions could not deter team Su-Kam® from making this project a success.

We're proud to say that Su-Kam's hybrid solar system is helping make communication possible in the rough terrains of Afghanistan. Su-Kam's systems are powering 17 communication towers in 7 districts of Afghanistan.

“Made in India” Going Global

The story of Su-Kam® is the perfect case of Indian brand going global. Since 2003 Su-Kam®, after capturing the market in India, started its operations in Africa, Middle-East, and South America. Su-Kam® products are now loved by the people of Yemen and Syria. In Africa, Su-Kam® has become a household brand - it has won the title of “Most Reliable Inverter Brand” of Africa. Similarly our close neighbors, Nepal and Bangladesh have also conferred many awards on Su-Kam®.

In Africa, people prefer our “Made in India” brand over any Chinese or American companies.

Giving Back to the Community - CSR Initiatives

Su-Kam® is continuously working to not only create best products but also to help those in need. On many occasions Su-Kam® has distributed solar lighting kits to poor villagers in India, organized blood-donation camps and associated with many NGOs to help social causes.

Su-Kam's involvement during the devastating earthquake in Nepal has been quite noteworthy. As the company has a manufacturing unit in Nepal, team Su-Kam® sprang into action helping the earthquake victims. Thousands of Solar Home-Lighting kits, dry food packets and fresh food were distributed to those affected.

Su-Kam® has also adopted a village in Baniyani, the native village of CM of Haryana. It is going to install street lights, develop schools and roads.

Being the Most Awarded Brand in India

Su-Kam® has won more than 50 awards for its groundbreaking innovation, corporate excellence and talent management. Recently, the Brand Trust Report after conducting a study of over 19000 brands declared us “India's Most Trusted Brand”. Read more about the awards we have won

Media Coverage

The growth story of Su-Kam® has been so inspiring that it has found place in prestigious books, magazines and newspapers. Best-selling author, Rashmi Bansal, has written about Su-Kam® in her famous book, 'Connect the Dots'. We have also been featured in Porus Munshi's 'Breakthrough Innovation'.

Popular magazines and newspapers and TV channels such as Business Standard, Forbes, Times of India, India Today etc. regularly cover Su-Kam's achievements.

Su-Kam® Family - The Work Culture at Su-Kam®

Su-Kam® has been awarded for being the best talent management company in India. Everyone who works with Su-Kam® is a proud Su-Kamian and a part of worldwide team of 2000 members. The company celebrates all festivals in full spirit and also encourages employees in taking care of their health by organizing annual sports week.

Our founder, Kunwer Sachdev, dearly values internal marketing due to which every member of the staff is happy working for Su-Kam®, and is motivated to take training and grow professionally. Su-Kam® nurtures talent - our top directors and managers once started with position of junior executives.


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