People form the core of Su-Kam® and we believe that they are our greatest asset. At Su-Kam®, we firmly believe that it is people who make all the difference; that each employee contributes directly to Su-Kam's growth and success
  • Career Development

    At Su-Kam® we endeavor to create a fun filled work environment for the employees. At the same time the company takes its talent very seriously …

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  • Employee Engagement

    The advantages of an engaged organisation are well documented but for Su-Kam® the motivation for creating an engaged organisation does not stem forth …

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  • Rewards & Recognition

    At Su-Kam® we encourage employees to think beyond boundaries and reach out for the extra ordinary. Over the years we have developed a unique rewards …

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  • HR Standards

    Our aim is to create an organisation that attracts the best minds because of its value system, its culture and its ethos. The company offers each employee …

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  • Life Equilibrium

    At Su-kam®, we know that a happy employee is the most productive employee. And we also know that work cannot become the sole activity in anyone's life …

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