Career Development

At Su-Kam® we endeavor to create a fun filled work environment for the employees. At the same time the company takes its talent very seriously. Su-Kam’s senior management is focused on identifying colleagues with high potential and enabling them to deliver their best. In addition the company also provides various opportunities for skill enhancement, learning and development. Su-Kam’s people philosophy is based on urging employees to break boundaries and achieve beyond what they believe is their capability. In the process a number of Su-Kamians have discovered new talents and built careers in new areas. All this and much more makes Su-Kam® a “Great Place to Work”.

Matching Individual Aspirations

Every individual holds a dream, an aspiration, a goal. Many of us are self driven and are able to achieve these. Su-Kam® however, gives equal importance to each individual’s dreams and believes that these are not at cross purpose to the organisational goals. With this belief, the company creates an environment that encourages employees to endeavor to achieve company goals and in the process achieve their own dreams and aspirations. Employees are also enabled to enroll for higher education in pursuit of their career goals.

Rahul Career Developer In April 2005 Rahul, a Class 10 graduate from Assam, set out for Delhi with a dream in his eyes. Till then he had not known the world beyond his village, except for an eight months stint at Indian Oil as a peon. He landed at Su Kam’s R&D department as a pantry boy on contract. However, his sheer dedication and hard work helped him to be taken on rolls of the company. Given his zeal to learn and perform he was moved to the MD’s Office as an office attendant. He faced many challenges that come from living in a big city but he continued to deliver beyond expectations. His flair for sales is visible in his belief that each and every Su-Kamian should be a brand ambassador and a sales person for the company’s products. Today he is in the administration department for the MD office taking care of field tasks.

Rahul says that the job at Su-Kam® has instilled confidence in him and helped him grow both professionally as well as personally. Over the years his spectrum of knowledge has widened and deepened. Rahul recalls “I had once quit Su-Kam® but returned within 2 days as I really missed the environment as well as the people, especially Mr. Sachdev. I was working closely with him and I really like the way he manages his people - with love and respect. I was far away from my home and Su-Kam® provided me the comfort of being with a family and home.”

Dhananjay Sharma Career Developer Dhananjay joined Su-Kam® as a sales executive for Direct Sales in 2001. But not one to be satisfied with doing the routine things, he struck an instant cord with the Su-Kam® management. He wanted to experiment and innovate, an attribute that Su-Kamians are encouraged to develop. By 2002 Su-Kam® had started appointing channel partners instead of selling direct and sales started zooming. Dhananjay’s career also zoomed and he was promoted to the position of Manager sales- Delhi and NCR. Another year later, i.e. by end of 2003 Su-Kam’s management was exploring the export markets and Dhananjay was given the responsibility to develop this business. By 2006 Su-Kam® had established presence in 16 countries in Africa and 4 in Asia and the team expanded from 4 to 14.

Dhananjay says I have personally attended/visited around 140 exhibitions across the globe. There were many instances of achieving success using hit and trial and in 2007 as we were the highest exporters as per Govt of India. Over the years we have expanded our presence across the globe as well as the basket of products being offered.”

Dhananjay also adds that “Su-Kam® presented me with a sky is the limit kind of situation. I had the liberty and the responsibility to decide the way forward for export business. It gave me great exposure professionally as well as personally. I had all the authority to perform the tasks. And Today I have the experience of working with more than 50 countries, have travelled to 56 countries and have handled diverse businesses with diverse people. Each country has its own socio economic and linguistic structure and I had to deal with all this and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I feel proud that we gave direction to the power backup industry that there are markets beyond our boundaries.”

Job Rotation

Career vdo At Su-Kam® we firmly believe that job rotation is the key to identifying talent, putting employees through challenges and giving them an opportunity to grow. Su-Kam® has successfully applied job rotation to deliver on its promise of providing employees the opportunity for exponential growth. The result – many Su-Kamians have grown with the company and feel like a valued family member and there are many others who have spread their wings beyond the organisation making a mark for themselves in the industry.

Chander Negi Career developer From an administration assistant to head of production in just about two decades – this is the journey that Chander Negi has traversed at Su-Kam®. Chander joined Su Kam’s Cable TV factory in the administration department in 1991. Soon, he demonstrated his potential and was shifted to the amplifier manufacturing unit as a wireman. As he continued to learn and perform, he moved across functions as well as up the ladder. He was given higher value added jobs and increasing responsibilities – heading the Testing team followed by Quality Control. Within a year of being shifted to Inverter manufacturing he was made Supervisor and then head of transformer manufacturing. In 2002, he supervised the set up of the Baddi factory and by 2004 he was heading inverter production. Currently he heads production of the 100 VA- 350 KVA Commercial UPS.

Chander says “I always felt that as Su-Kam® would grow form a small unit to a manufacturing giant, the people associated with it would also grow. I have grown and benefitted immensely from the various opportunities offered to me through job rotation. I had modest education till class 12 and was given opportunities mostly given to people with professional degrees. But, at Su-Kam® talent matters more than documents.

I share an emotional bond with Su-Kam® as I have never been treated like an employee. For example when I had undergone surgery Mr Sachdev personally visited me to ask after my health. His visit left a huge impact on me making me feel like a valued member of the Su-Kam® Family.”

Mamta Sharma Career developer In 1999, Mamta Sharma, a mother of two and a housewife for 8 years, decided to take her first steps into the corporate world - she had absolutely no experience of working in an office. She applied to Su-Kam® and was personally interviewed by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev. Despite the fact that Mamta had no knowledge of computers, typing or filing she got the job at Su Kam’s Kirtideep unit. The MD saw in her the potential to learn and perform. Apart from learning to work the computers, type and file, Mamta faced another challenge - working in a unit staffed only by men. Slowly, she countered her fears, her co-workers became her friends and she started to engage herself in different tasks she was assigned. Today Mamta heads the customer care department with a team of 24 people reporting to her.

Given her zeal to learn and perform she was slowly assigned higher responsibilities – from managing the reception to handling accounts and administration she performed a number of roles. She worked at the Su-Kam® offices in Nanal Raya, Noida, and Gurgaon. Finally in December 2011 she was appointed the Deputy Manager of Su-Kam’s Customer Care Center.

Mamta says “I have seen our small office grow into a huge corporate house that now employs thousands of people. I would like to tell every Su-Kamian that they are very lucky to be working in an organisation that values and rewards talent. All you need to do is to trust the company and it will take care of you.”

Training and Development

Career vdo Employee empowerment stems from employee enablement. With this strong belief we continuously organize training programmers for employees at various levels. Su-Kam’s team comprises a mix of home grown talent as well as lateral inductions into the organization. The training and development initiatives are focused on bringing in homogeneity in this diversity, enabling the team deliver to its highest potential. They are also constantly encouraged to raise the bar and achieve higher standards of performance.

Mr Madan Kotnala, COO says that training and development are an integral part of the life of Su-Kamnians. While training programmes provide technical inputs necessary to enable employees to perform on the job, we place high emphasis on experiential training. In any organisation the team is made up of people from very diverse backgrounds – both professional and personal. Bringing people to the same wavelength reduces the roadblocks in achieving the organisation goals. This is what we try to achieve through our training programmes.

Mr Sanjeev Saini, Director Technical, and a Su-Kamian for last 11Years believes that the training programmes have surely helped to bring in better coordination and motivated the team to work towards a common goal. Quoting the example of a training programme where all the trainees created music together, he says that the bonding created during the training programmes brings openness in the culture leading to transparency. The impact of the training programmes can be felt both laterally as well as down the line.


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