Inverters, Home UPS and Online UPS

Su-Kam® takes pride in saying that its 100% 'Made in India' inverters have become a household names in more than 70 countries worldwide. From building India's first sine wave inverter to inventing world's first plastic body inverter, Su-Kam® has made so many technological advances in inverters that it is known as being the only company in this industry to file for 100 patents. Su-Kam®'s R & D lab continues to churn out smart inverters that are equipped with latest technologies like ATC, 6 Stage Charging, touch screen and are wi-fi enabled.

Our varied range of inverters is crafted to suit small power needs of an ordinary home to powering big industries.

There's a Su-Kam® inverter for everyone - choose yours now:

For Home (600VA-1.5 KVA)

For Home (600VA-1.5 KVA)

Ideal Examples

A 2 BHK house that wants to run fans, lights, laptop, TV and computer or a small office with similar electrical appliances

Home Usage

Find out our range of efficient home inverters which are high on performance and easy on pocket.

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For Big Homes and Businesses (2.5KVA 0 10KVA)

For Big Homes and Businesses (2.5KVA to 10KVA)

Ideal Examples

3BHK house that wants to run food processors, AC, printers, refrigerators, music systems in addition to regular electrical load.

Home and Business Usage

Find which Su-Kam® inverter will even run heavy electrical load smoothly to make you forget about power cuts.

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For Industries and Commercial Establishments (10KVA - 100KVA)

For Industries and Commercial Use

Su-Kam's range of on-line UPS is the best in the industry ranging from 2KVA to 50KVA. Online UPS takes no time to switch on because the UPS is already online so the switch over time from mains mode to UPS mode is zero.

The IntelliQ Series- Online UPS

Su-Kam's IntelliQ series presents its state of the art in house DSP based double conversion online UPS. The IntelliQ series online UPS not only provides you power back up when you need it, but it protects your load from disturbances and fluctuations. IntelliQ is ideal for ATM machines, gold analyzer machines, textile industry etc.

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